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Nathan Hursh


Sifting through information online usually yields one conclusion – that there’s too much information on the Internet. This can also be said for finding promotional items online.

Which site should you order from? Are you getting a good deal? Did you upload your logo correctly? Is the end product going to be a mystery?

It sounds frustrating.

That’s why MOTIF does things differently. The majority of promotional item websites are merely a subscription-based order processor who have paid for access to the back end of wholesalers and are essentially using a template website with their logo pasted in the top corner. Anyone can do this, but not everyone can do what we do.

We don’t use our promo search site as our online identity. We sit down and listen to our clients to work out a budget, goals and project specifics. To us, it’s a lot more than picking out something that looks nice and pasting a logo on it – we look at your brand and discuss your needs. Who is the end-user of the product? What product will get the most visibility? Who are you trying to attract or retain with these products?

Our creative team can also help to refine your brand if it needs a bit of a refresh. The whole team has experience in design and marketing and we openly discuss strategies with every client to ensure their success. Our office is strategically placed in Ideas Inc. because we wanted to be in tune with what’s up and coming in business and innovation.

We put a strong emphasis on local. All of our silk screening and embroidery is done locally which gives us greater quality control and more precise timelines, which makes us more accountable than an online company.

So, when you’re ready to move your brand to the next level, promote an upcoming event or find out what MOTIF can do for you, give us a call – we’re happy to help.

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