Spring Promo Trends 2021

  • Mar 31, 2021

Undoubtedly the biggest question on everyone’s mind this spring is, "What’s new in promo?". You have questions, we have answers. Here are MOTIF’s Top 5 trends for spring:


5. Work from Home or Back to Work?


As the pandemic begins to ease, many of our customers are beginning to think about bringing employees back to the office. To welcome staff back into the workplace, it’s a great idea to have some new accessories on hand. Water bottles that can sanitize with UV light are a hot item in a time of cautious optimism. Bamboo lunch kits are another heavy hitter as we return to packing lunches from home. However, not everyone will be going back to work soon, or at all. This past year has permanently changed the way we work, and working from home, even part-time, has become standard for many. This means that the line between corporate and cozy wear continues to blur and comfort basics will continue to see a lot of action - think high-end 3/4 zip fleeces and zip hoodies with a collared shirt underneath. This season is about flexible, adaptable items and clothing that can be dressed up or down depending on the day. 


MOTIF Picks:


Asobu UV Light Hydro Bottle


4. Branding Kits


Kitting continues to grow in popularity as we navigate the business of networking and building relationships and brands remotely. Creating a themed kit is an exciting process and the possibilities for customization are endless. Receiving a curated set of items complete with custom packaging creates a unique, memorable experience for the recipient and has the potential to keep people inspired and spark some joy. Brands are getting creative with their requests - we’re putting together all kinds of kits these days. Bundling a few items like custom knit socks, hoodies, and insulated drinkware as a kit and delivering with branded packaging like tissue paper and mailers creates first impressions that last. Another popular kit is the influencer pack - consider bundling stickers, water bottles, flip flops, a towel… the sky is the limit. Starting with a good concept will help ensure that your project is creative, marketable, and also cost-effective. 


MOTIF Picks:


Business Socks


3. Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Goods


One of the biggest growth sectors in promo that will continue this spring is sustainable products that not only look good but feel good to purchase because they’re easier on the environment. There is a huge push towards eco-friendly products especially in younger markets, and associating your brand with responsible practices can provide an image boost. The garment industry creates large amounts of waste - 13 million tons of it per year. Although this is an alarming statistic, the good news is that up to 95% of garment waste is recyclable and companies are making an increasing effort to produce more sustainable clothing. Popular garments like tees, hoodies, and totes made from recycled fibers or plastics and natural dyes are now widely available. Also look for companies who make efforts to offset their environmental impact with green initiatives like tree planting.


MOTIF Picks:



2. Face Masks and PPE


While demand for gimmicky PPE products like door openers has come and gone, basics like face masks and travel bottles of hand sanitizer are still going strong. Face masks remain a low-cost, high-visibility item that generates thousands of impressions per unit, as they tend to be worn daily and kept much longer than the average promo item. When it comes to hand sanitizer, demand remains high but customers are becoming pickier about the quality and scent. Even as vaccines roll out, unfortunately the need for PPE isn’t going away. At least the products are getting better! 


MOTIF Picks:



1. Comfort Basics in Tie Dye and Garment Dye


What began as an isolation hobby has exploded in popularity and become our number one pick and an absolute must-have. Tie-Die is everywhere, especially among younger demographics, and suppliers have taken notice. We’re excited about all the fresh and fun tie-dye and garment-dye comfort basics to choose from for spring. Brightly colored matching hoodies and sweats are unique and stand out in a crowd (and on social media!) so don’t sleep on it! 


MOTIF Picks:


Unisex Midweight Tie Dye Hoodie


Summing It Up


It goes without saying that this has been a strange year. As the weather warms up and the world begins to re-open, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared with the right gear. New options like tie-dye and recycled fibers are gaining traction, while current trends like face masks and comfort basics are projected to endure well into next year. The right promo products can work wonders for your business, and here at MOTIF we will always keep you in the know. 


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